12 awesome digital tools you should consider

12 awesome digital tools you should consider

To run a successful business you need to be where your prospects are. This probably means the web.

Problem is, managing your web presence can be daunting. So much info, so many accounts, so many frikkin social networks to post on. Then there’s measurement of these efforts! It can feel like a bottomless pit (and kinda is, so be OK with that).

To help you out, we compiled a list of 12 awesome digital tools you should consider:

  1. Bizzabo: Bizzabo allows you to organize live events with your mobile device and participate in interactive event communities. Good if you’re constantly on the move and have a remote team or geographically dispersed clients.
  2. Addvocate: Use this social tool to curate content for your company and its employees. Potentially useful for those in HR and department managers.
  3. Feedly: This tool allows you to distribute fresh content across your social networks. Handy for organizing info.
  4. Diigo: A great social bookmarking platform. The Diigo app helps gather information on projects and research of any scale. Use this tool to organize data, share information and build a knowledge base for your team.
  5. FixYourFunnel: You can collect your customers’ data via SMS texting and lead source tracking, automate conversation and use real phone numbers in communication.
  6. Livecube: This powerful event application allows your event attendees to connect, and share ideas in no time. Great for people who do regular public speaking.
  7. HipChat: A solid private group chat service.  It allows you to share content and communication via the desktop and mobile.
  8. Postling: This social inbox provides small businesses with the alerts and insights to maximise their potential from social media.
  9. SocialRadar: Ever wonder about that dude you met at a cocktail party? The app provides real-time business information on the people you meet. Using this information, you can identify their business potential more effectively.
  10. Mobivity: A great “level the playing field” tool for small biz. Using this app, you can schedule your texts, and receive customer feedback via text from anywhere.
  11. Buffer: We LOVE Buffer! Use it for scheduling and sharing posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + throughout the day and at optimal times.
  12. Topsy: A kind of all in one Twitter search and analytics platform, Topsy’s great for competitor analysis. Using Topsy, you can find a tweet your competitor sent and see how many times it was retweeted, by whom, which among them are influencers, etc.

Use these tools for a more rewarding experience on the web!

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