2 things you must remember about voice in your content marketing

brand voice in your content marketing

Happy Friday! We had a bit of a rough week here, so quite excited to get ‘er over and done with and start anew (there might even be some vodka in the mix when the office closes today :))

Had a few conversations about voice in content marketing this week, so we thought we’d put together this little quickie for your end of week reading pleasure.

You already know that your brand tells the promise, essence and story of your business. It’s the way you position yourself in the mind of your prospects.

The content you deploy in your inbound marketing needs to have a strong, distinct voice that reflects your brand.

Here are 2 things to remember re voice in your content marketing:

1. Resist Vanilla

Content marketing is all about creating, distributing and sharing free content with an aim to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Thing is, it’s a jungle out there.

Over 2 million blog posts are published everyday which means that the online audience has a huge choice of what to read. Given the high level of information overload, make sure that your content brands you in a way that helps you stand out of the crowd. Loads of organizations adopt a vanilla voice due to fears about perception. Vanilla voices are like Vanilla Ice – they go nowhere good. Even if you’re selling something like financial services where trust matters, you will benefit from having a distinctive voice that reflects your company’s real DNA.

2. Different Voices

Remember as an organization engaging in content marketing, you ARE a media outlet. Your voice (and certainly your content) will likely change subtly across media and platforms. The hardcore brand freaks are probably shaking their heads, but think about: is the tone of Linkedin the same tone as Instagram? For most organizations, the answer is a resounding no. People go to different spaces for different reasons. Your voice should adapt. One way to do this to have different content creators on your team responsible for the various spaces you play on. Of course they need to be unified around a clear overarching strategy and vision of the brand, but this setup will foster slightly different voices across platforms.

Have a great weekend!



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