3 tips on generating media coverage for B2B software companies

generating media coverage for B2B software companies

B2B software companies aren’t typically all that sexy.

Doesn’t mean they aren’t great organizations with vibrant cultures, it’s just that selling software that manages retail inventory or accounts payable is not the same as hawking shoes that cost more than the GDP of most sun-drenched banana republics.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter in a “getting press” context.

B2B software companies can get significant media attention, and more often than not this coverage confers a distinct competitive advantage (largely because most B2B software firms doing unsexy shit don’t actively solicit media attention).

Here are 3 tips on generating media coverage for B2B  software companies:

  • Byline pieces. The vast majority of B2B software firms engage in content marketing since it is a killer way to sell SaaS offerings. Repackaging the content you pump out on your blog for the mainstream media or industry trades is a great way to up the profiles of your leadership and spread the firm’s name farther and wider. Most B2B software companies have a veritable treasure trove of content sitting around. Go and have a look at what you’ve got, adapt it for specific publications and pitch it to editors who hunger for content. Remember to tailor the language for the audience – mainstream media need less jargon whereas industry trades will be more amenable to buzzwords.
  • Entrepreneur angled stories. Your company may do things that most of us would consider boring as shit. However, somewhere along the way an intrepid entrepreneur took a plunge and did some things both wrong and right.  These tales of what worked and what didn’t are HUGE in a media context. Pitch them to entrepreneur centric press. Regardless of how unsexy you think you are, the world currently worships entrepreneurs. There is an entire media and cottage industry dedicated to glorifying them that you can exploit.
  • Good works and community involvement. Your B2B software firm probably does more than B2B software. Maybe it helps young engineers get a start via special programs. Maybe it raises money for charities. Maybe it sends staffers to sing at glee clubs. Whatever the case, there is a hunger for “good works” type stories. No, the New York Times won’t care so much for this sort of offering, but your local paper probably will. And while they aren’t the Times, local papers tend to sit around houses for longer periods of time. Be happy to get covered by these lesser mortals.

I rarely say this in blog posts, but since I feel pretty strongly about these tips, please know they will work if you do them. I don’t care if you’re not sexy. Leave that to the glamour crowd and go make a pile of cash.


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