4 keys to user generated content

4 keys to user generated content

Every day humans, bots, brands and probably a green-eyed monster or two share gazillions of tweets, photos, and updates via social media.

As an agency, we’re less concerned about the green-eyed monsters than brands. For the latter user-generated content (UGC) is a great bridge between social media and sales.

This infographic by Offerpop, a digital marketing software company, provides a good look at the critical aspects of managing UGC.

As a quick summary, 4 keys to user generated content:

1. Creating a library to house your UGC

About 92% consumers around the world say that they favour word-of-mouth above all other methods of advertising. It is therefore important for brands to build and showcase their UGC for all products and services. To build a user-generated content library, incentivize your customers to share experience via reviews, photos and videos of their purchase experience.

2. Capturing data from promotional participants

Include a sign up form in your online promotional campaigns to capture demographics, interest and contact information. Also, ask the participants their permission to reuse their content on your websites and social media profiles. Finally, prompt participants to accept the terms and conditions of the campaign. For instance, in your terms and conditions, you can mention that you have the right to share their reviews/photos/or videos in their online promotional material.

3. Aggregating campaign content

Once you have created a user-generated library, showcase the content on your website. Share it on other channels as well with links back to your website. This is critical, as brand engagement rises 28% when visitors are exposed to both company created content and user generated videos.

4. Using content to drive sales

Connect the user generated photos, testimonials and videos with product information. Be sure to provide a clear path to purchase these items on your website. As always, make sure you have adequate analytics software in place to measure the impact of the user generated content you deploy.

User generated content is 20% more influential than any other type of media so don’t ignore it. Good luck!

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  • Chris Avery says:

    Thank you for the tips. I defiantly agree with user generated content being highly more influential to a customer when trying to promote a product. I personally think it is due to the customer or client being able to establish a connection with the “user.” The ability to feel a relation, even in the smallest way is important.

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