4 reasons your B2B software company’s premium content offers are a flop

4 reasons your B2B software company's premium content offers are a flop

B2B software companies are seriously down with content marketing.

The widespread adoption that’s oft-cited does not mean things are all rosy in the conversions department, however.

Those slinging B2B software are prone to making a set of common mistakes with their premium content offers.

Often this comes down to culture. In the pre-content marketing days B2B software companies produced materials for sales teams, tradeshows and the like. There’s a natural tendency to simply port these techniques, and the collateral created for these purposes,  into the inbound channel. Alas, doing so is not liable to achieve much in the way of results:

Here, are 4 reasons your B2B software company’s premium content offers are a flop:

  1. You’re giving away sales sheets and/or brochures. Facts about your SaaS solution or sales sheets are a must have. They are not, however, what your prospects want in terms of premium offers. Your content should be about the prospect’s needs not your solutions. Think bigger picture. Try create offers that explain or allude to how cloud based solutions (in general) or automation (if that’s what your software does) might help the macro problems your potential buyers face.
  2. You swing for the fences too early. Sure, you should have a free consultation/demo/trial-type button on your site somewhere. However, buying B2B software is a typically a longer process where multiple vendors are evaluated. Going straight to the sale is not liable to convert that highly. Your premium content offers need to account for where a prospect is in the buying process. Start with offers that help and nurture from there.
  3. Your top of funnel content and the offer don’t match up. If your SaaS solution helps companies with marketing and you pen a blog post about the benefits of automating email campaigns then your premium offer should relate to the topic. Don’t go dropping the ebook on SEO as the offer at the bottom of your post on email. The subject matter of the post determines the nature of the premium  content.
  4. Your premium content has no zing. We understand that B2B software companies sometimes tend to “act boring” because of the markets they service. While all brands and companies have different personalities and cultures, we tend to the view that a certain degree of personality is rarely a hindrance. By way of examples, there’s nothing people remember more than a cool accountant. It’s OK to let your personality imbue your B2B software company’s premium content.

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