6 tips for creating engaging B2B product pages

6 tips for improving B2B product pages

B2C companies tend to have it easier than B2B firms when it comes to presenting engaging content to prospects on the web.

It’s not only a question of cool.

B2B products can be difficult to grasp and explain, and often only appeal to a specific segment of the business community.

These 6 tips for creating engaging B2B product pages should help you spice up your B2B company’s site:

1) Make each product page unique

Your product pages can have a similar template but remember each product is different and needs to be showcased differently. Highlight the unique selling points of each of your products in an engaging and interesting way.

2) Placement

As said, B2B product descriptions can be complex,  so you must make sure to explain things before the attention of your audience wavers. Placement of copy is VERY  important. For best impact, put the product page copy above the fold so your visitors don’t have to scroll down to find it.

3) Speak the language of your audience

Know your audience and use the language and terms they use. If they like it casual, keep the description casual; if they respond better to ultra-complex, high-tech jargon, use that. To determine what appeals, check the comments people leave on your website, analyze your competitor’s site, or listen to a few calls with your sales team and note how your prospects talk.

4) Add testimonials

If your satisfied customers are willing to provide testimonials, use them on your product pages. Get REAL testimonials, not canned ones your PR team created and had some customer sign off on.

5) Product comparisons

If you sell a product that has, say, different subscription levels, allow your B2B customers to see features of each product at a glance to help them make an informed decision.

6) Include keywords on the product pages

Whether it is a B2C or B2B product description, keywords play a crucial role. Include your best keywords appropriately but don’t go overboard.

Remember – B2B does not stand for boring. You can still be cool and sling enterprise level SaaS or make valves for the US Navy.

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