6 ways to optimize your B2B business page on Linkedin

ways to optimize your b2b business' Linkedin company page

My guess is you like leads. Especially if you’re a B2B business, with a high average ticket price that’s engaged in inbound marketing. If that’s you, the prospect of driving mad leads might even get you a little too excited.

There’s a host of evidence that shows that LinkedIn company pages are more popular among B2B marketers who wish to generate leads, by building trust and engaging with their networks. Over 3 million firms have created a Company Page on LinkedIn. Presence, though, is not enough – you must spend time to make it hum.

Once you sign up for your Linkedin business page, follow these 5 steps to optimize it.

  • Create a consistent profile

Your firm’s profile on its LinkedIn company page should be consistent with the business profiles on other social networks and your company website. It’s about consistent brand image across platforms. Make sure that the information is accurate and up to date across all social networks.

  • Share the work load

It is a good idea to add administrators from within your firm or agencies your firm works with to your company page on LinkedIn. By adding admins, you can empower your others to edit/add information and publish status updates. To add admins, go to ‘Edit’ and click on ‘Designated users only’. From there, select the people to give admin access to.

  • Add images and banners

LinkedIn allows you to add up to three banner images to your company profile page. You should consider hyperlinking the banners with a calls-to-action for specific offers. This will help you show ROI and generate top of funnel leads.

  • Showcase your products and services

Linkedin is killing the products and services tab of company pages on April 14th.

The good news is you still have options. For one, you can showcase your products or services through company updates. The information you share, will appear in your followers’ newsfeed. The other option is to use Showcase Pages.

What’s a Showcase Page? The folks at Business 2 Community have a good description:

Showcase pages were introduced in November 2013. They allow you to more effectively target your content and extend the presence of the company page you already have. You can use a showcase page to focus your marketing message to engage a specific audience. By creating a showcase page, you create a page that’s dedicated to each individual aspect of your business. You can also share content that’s specifically geared towards that content. For example, we might create a Showcase Page specifically dedicated to SEO. This Showcase Page would include news, information and updates about SEO, plus how to contact us for SEO help. You can have up to 10 Showcase Pages associated with your Company page, so be sure to create a plan for segmenting your products or service.

  • Add video content to the Company page

The folks like them some video. About 60 percent of the Top 100 brands on LinkedIn routinely post videos linked to their YouTube channel. To add a YouTube video, sign into your YouTube account and go to ‘Add your YouTube video.’ Copy and paste the link on your company profile page and add some content that compliments the video.

  • Link your company page to landing page on your website

Instead of linking your company page to the home page of your website, try linking to a landing page that provides more information about your offerings and a specific resource that might interest a prospect and get them into your inbound marketing funnel. It’s about the leads!


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