LEAD GEN 101 : 4 tips for generating leads from your website

4 tips for generating leads from your website

Website visitors who show up at your site, consume content and then leave without giving you anything in return are the internet equivalent of people who show up at your party, drink all your booze and leave you to clean up the mess. Useless.

For most B2B businesses today, the website is the biggest source of leads that Marketing eventually hands over to Sales to close.

Most of the time generating web based leads involves getting visitors to sign up for an opt in offer like a newsletter, ebook, whitepaper, or webinar.

There’s a bit more to it, of course. To help, here are 4 tips to help you generate leads from your website:

  • Create a database

You need a place to house and organize the info your prospects give you to access those killer offers you deploy. This is what a database is for. You can track who downloaded your content and what particulars theses folks exhibit. The info in your database allows you to tailor content to their needs, connect and guide them down the purchase funnel.

  • Create compelling landing pages

No matter how great your offers are, people are unlikely to follow through and download them if they don’t find your landing pages user friendly. Add images, avoid dense paragraphs, and highlight benefits in bullet points to make the landing page attractive and scannable.

  • Keep the form short and simple for top of funnel offers

If the form takes too long to fill, your audience will be dissuaded from taking time out to complete it. Top of funnel forms should be short and easy with fields such as first name, last name, and email address.  As people move down the funnel you can get harvest more detailed info about them via slightly longer forms

  • Customize the copy of the submit button

“Submit” usually doesn’t get submitted. You need to provide more enticing call-to-action buttons. Normally, a CTA should be a phrase that relates to the action to be performed. For instance, if the reader has to fill the form to download an ebook, the copy of the button could be ‘Download the ebook’. Similarly, you can have buttons that read:

    • Sign me up for a demo
    • Claim your coupon
    • Download the presentation
  • Place your CTAs wisely

Your landing page may look and read fabulous, but the very purpose may be defeated if visitors cannot spot the CTA buttons leading to it. You should consider placing CTAs in the following areas of your website:

    • Home page
    • At the bottom of each blog post
    • Blog’s sidebar
    • About us page
    • Product description page
    • Pricing page

Good luck and happy hunting.


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