Syllabus for Social Media Course at McGill

syllabus for social media class at McGill

I was honoured when McGill University asked me to teach a course on social media and community management this summer. It has been fascinating to go through the process of designing a course. Though highly time consuming I’ve had a rewarding enterprise, during which I’ve learned a tonne of things that I’ll apply to client work.

There are, obviously, a lot of great resources out there and superb opportunities for learning. The difficulty is in sifting through the mountain of info.

I’ve been fortunate in that a number of people in my network will be appearing as guest speakers. That, combined with the real world experience gained at this agency, should give the students a very “real world” perspective on social media at a strategic level.

For now, I thought I’d post the syllabus.

Here she is:  Social media and Community Management – Syllabus CBUS 112

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