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Crushing CES

KEYi Tech – Loona Petbot
Beijing, China


Loona is an oh-so-cute little pet robot that acts as a companion and does adorable robot things. We originally were contracted after their massive Kickstarter campaign, and quickly pushed them to go to CES.


Our main hurdle was that the client had no booth and had not planned to attend the Show. There was no budget, and no demo space – just a few cute robots and their human handlers.


We leveraged our network to get the client booth space at the show. We knew demos would be critical for success and found a partner agency who had the perfect space for our client. This came at zero cost. From there, we tapped our extensive network of robotics reporters and gadget editors who had confirmed CES attendance. Importantly, we shifted our strategy, changed our standard workflow and took a chance at trying something new.

We set up individual demo times at the Loona booth space, media trained the client and scripted out the flow of demos. We also made sure the client had extra samples for media, to allow for more detailed reviews to come at the time of DTC launch.

Our messaging centered around giving reporters a first look at Loona’s robot on the heels of their wildly successful Kickstarter.


Loona became the Belle du Bal at CES 2023. Our efforts drove over 40 media hits at the show, valued at over $2.5M based on Ad Value Equivalency, a metric used to assess the dollar value of earned media.

All the big outlets showed up to the party, with coverage in a wide swath of places such as Wallpaper, Forbes, Popular Science, 9 to 5 Toys, Core77, Gizmodo, and many other top tier outlets.

Engadget ran two separate pieces, and gushed that “The adorable Loona petbot is ready to roll into even the coldest of hearts.” The outlet later gave Loona the “Best Robot at CES Award” (which even came with a trophy that could easily have doubled as a club).

Millions of dollars in exposure, an award, a pile of coverage…and the client wasn’t even sure about going to the damn show 3 days before it started! Not bad.


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