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Mao once claimed that bikes were a symbol of proletarian progress. Easy enough logic for a guy whose people were generally unable to afford cars. And while The Great Helmsman might have thought e-bikes were bourgeois nonsense, the world’s media did not think this of Velotric thanks to our work over a two-year span.


We’d never tell someone to choose PR as a career. It’s the vocational equivalent of life in a tinpot dictatorship. “Stressful” doesn’t begin to capture it. Maybe that’s why we were able to crush it for stress relieving massage gun maker SKG, and help them build their overseas business.


Remember the abrasive, human ponytail Tony Little? When we end up in Hell there will be a room with his 90s fitness infomercials on repeat. Alas, since then the fitness industry’s marketing has remained dodgy, over the top and annoying. It was thus a great privilege to work with Xiaomi family brand, Urevo, who were none of these things.


Modeoing 2 year mandate for custom keyboard maker Keychron. Unlike the Red Terror no one has actually died (yet).  rn humans type a lot. These same modern humans are also really into personalization – a bougie reality that would surely annoy the architects of the Red Terror. These two facts have helped us execute killer campaigns over an ong.


East Bloc made consumer goods were basically one size fits all. ‘Shabby’ doesn’t begin to capture the UX. Because we’re happy about both the demise of communism and the growing trend of personalization, we were excited when MIT affiliated skincare startup, Atolla, asked us to guide them through two launches for their customized skincare serums.


None of the partners at Proper Propaganda own a cat. A few people on staff do, but cats have been less present in the lives of our Dear Leaders. However, we can fucken rock cat tech like nobody’s biz it seems. From smart cat shitboxes, to cat toys, to MarsCat it seems we have feline elements to our firm’s soul.


Lenin loved cats. However in a bit of commie idiocy he refused to name his, claiming the naming of pets was a bourgeois activity. We like cats and tech (and naming animals too). Maybe this is why, with our help, Footloose became the most funded pet product in Kickstarter history, raising $1.3 million.

Sophia the Robot

Given our desire to survive the tumultuous period when humans are enslaved by robot overlords, we eagerly took on the job of building and bolstering Sophia the Robot’s social media presence for Hanson Robotics. Given the results, we should avoid hard labour in the salt mines for at least a few months.


Off-hour activities aside, Grobo knew we had what it took to launch a cannabis growing system. Their heady revolution spread across niche and mainstream media, and the client caught a green wave all the way to the bank.


We hate the term “disruptive technology” as much as Kim Jong Il hated the phrase “We’re out of Hennessey.” (Though since he was the company’s biggest customer, he probably didn’t hear these words as often as we hear jackasses talk disruption). Sometimes, however, tech is game changing and merits the moniker. WAZER’s desktop waterjet fits the bill. We were honored to handle the PR for their million plus dollar Kickstarter effort.


REM-Fit are OGs in the sleep game. PR firms are generally filled with people who claim they  “don’t need sleep” (PR people tend to like strange badges of honour). That we love and cherish shut eye may have been the reason we got hired to do PR for REM-Fit’s smart pillow, ZEEQ. In any case, sleep was a central factor in us crushing this one.  


We always felt David Bowie was a tad pretentious. That said, we were thrilled when NSL Comm tapped us to embark on their space odyssey. We delivered on our promise to create inter-galactic buzz.

NUA Robotics

Israeli startup NUA Robotics engaged us to make them stand out at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We followed through with a media outreach campaign, that garnered hundreds of media hits around the Planet and had other companies at CES as jealous as Fidel’s mistress.


PowerUp is one of the hottest consumer drone companies today. We worked with them to help build their brand post Kickstarter and launch their retail sales.


Like the words of Uncle Ho, this uprising spread far and wide, in the process generating hundreds of media hits around the globe that helped our client raise $2.5 million USD on Kickstarter – the largest amount ever amassed by a Soviet Canuckistani company on that platform.

Hockey IntelliGym

Via a sustained media and influencer outreach campaign Israel-based Hockey IntelliGym sought to expand its empire in Canada and the US. We fomented a revolution whose impact would have made Che smile.


Our Politburo designed a multi-angled media relations campaign for Breather – current darling of the tech startup world – that continues to drive oodles of high value coverage in places like Inc Magazine, Dwell, Business Insider and The Globe and Mail.


Little did Marx know, distraction caused by tech might be the ultimate undoing of the Liberal West. Mindset is a headphone designed to help users conquer distraction and achieve total glory. They engaged us to conduct PR for their Kickstarter. By campaign’s end, there was significant top tier media coverage and over $1 million had been raised.


Similar to Sputnik, RISE sought to launch its two newest flavours of Kombucha with a bang. Unlike the USSR, RISE tasked us with designing a unique media event (that did not involve a dog named Laika or any questionably engineered commie spacecraft).


Nura knew two things about us prior to hiring us: that we had a strange fixation with Mao-era woodblock art and that we could crush a headphone campaign on Kickstarter. We’d like to think they hired us based on the former, though their hunch proved right about the latter.


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