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PR and Copywriting for Crowdfunding


Unlike housing blocs in East Germany, the way every human hears is unique. Alas, current headphones and earbuds play music the same way for everyone (a fact that would surely delight Erich Honecker and a host of other dead apparatchiks from the GDR). This means we don’t hear tunes the way they were composed.

Nura make an innovative headphone that measures the inner ear to tailor sound so that a user can hear music exactly as it was intended to be listened to.


Nura approached us while attending the famed HAX Accelerator. We were contracted to handle PR around their crowdfunding campaign and to manage and execute copywriting of their Kickstarter page.


Headphones are a very popular category on Kickstarter, and we knew the media in the space well before starting work on this campaign.

However, because this is a crowded space, establishing and communicating differentiation for the tech media and wider public was a difficult task. Compounding this was the fact that a few similar products had received significant coverage in the weeks before the Nura campaign.


Our team worked tirelessly on matters related to positioning and messaging, even going to Shenzhen to spend time with the Nura team while they were at HAX. Hours were spent ensuring every last detail on the Kickstarter page was just right.

Our media strategy was built around two beliefs: First, that the global tech conversation tends to be led by a small cadre of US based outlets. Second, that Kickstarter campaigns are won and lost in the first 72 hours.

Tactically the centerpiece of our campaign was a roadshow done under embargo pre launch in the world’s tech media hubs, New York and San Francisco.


Our efforts paid off. Partly as a result of our work, Nura raised over $200 000 USD in the first 24 hours of its campaign.

In total, Nura amassed over 100 media placements in over 13 languages. Coverage came in places such as Engadget, Business Insider, Tech Crunch, Mashable, Gizmodo, Uncrate, Cool Hunting, Stuff, PSFK, The Verge, GQ, Ubergizmo, the Australian, FOX News, and MIT Tech Review.

Praise was as large as a dictator’s ego: “Nura headphones craft the perfect audio for your ear” wrote Engadget. “All notes can be heard perfectly,” proclaimed Gizmag.”

Nura was deemed a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter and was “Technology Project of the Day” on the platform.

In total the campaign raised over $1.8 million and became the single biggest Kickstarter project in Australian history.


Hands on with Nura headphones that adapt to your unique hearing profile

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Nura headphones are custom fit to the listener’s frequency

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The Nura headphones craft the perfect audio for your ear

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Nura Headphones Adapt To You To Make Music Perfect

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Nura headphones adapt to your eardrums

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These Headphones Know Your Ears Better than You Do

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