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PR for Crowdfunding


Revols is a Montreal based startup that makes custom fit Bluetooth earphones that mold to users’ ears in 60 seconds via a mobile app.


Our goal was to get Revols as much press as possible to drive fundraising for their Kickstarter campaign. As always with crowdfunding the key was getting coverage to drop in the first 24 to 72 hours of the campaign, a task that’s more difficult than executing a Soviet Five Year Plan.


Crowdfunding has a bad reputation. From Coolest Cooler to Skarp Laser Razor, recent history is littered with examples of campaigns that shipped late, delivered shoddy products and made unrealistic claims. Media – especially large tech outlets – have become deeply cynical about projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


To overcome the credibility issue that now surrounds crowdfunding we took pains to weave the fact that Revols had been through the HAX Accelerator in Shenzen and had partnered with Onkyo into all storytelling.

We also designed a strategy that involved a roadshow under embargo that spanned multiple cities including New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Montreal. The embargo lift was carefully timed to allow Revols’ existing community the chance to purchase en masse before any media dropped. This way, once the media pieces appeared fundraising was already on fire.


Revols’ Kickstarter campaign reached its $100,000 goal within 7 hours of launching. Within 48 hours – just before the client appeared on stage at HAX Demo Day – they’d hit $300,000. By the end of the 60 day effort, $2.5-million US was raised.

Proper Propaganda generated over 150 global media hits, in 20 languages, including stories by Tech Crunch, Gizmodo, PC Magazine, Wired, Fast Company, PSFK, CNET, Business Insider, Yahoo, Uncrate, Stuff, The Globe and Mail, Runner’s World, and CNN.  

Here’s what pleases us the most: unlike the worthless commie Politburos of yore, the ROI of us was very high. An Engadget article generated $80,000 in sales alone, while a Verge piece brought in $40,000 for the client. So successful was this campaign that Fast Company even asked us to write an article about the lessons learned from it.

Besides raising millions, Revols has received significant interest from investors, potential partners and retailers.


Revols Announces In-Ear Headphones That Mold To The Contours Of Your Disgusting Body

Tech Crunch. December 1/15

These earbuds custom-fit to your ears in 60 seconds

The Verge. November 9/15

Earbud headphones that won’t fall out of your ears (seriously)

CNN. December 2/15

I used an app to make custom molded earbuds in only a minute

En Gadget. November 11/15

Looking For Material Science Inspiration? Try Sex Toys

Fast Company. November 9/15

I tried the new custom-fit earbuds that mold to your ear in 60 seconds using just a smartphone

Business Insider. November 9/15

“Proper Propaganda came highly recommended to us and to say we were satisfied is an understatement. We could never have dreamed of getting the media exposure we received as a result of their efforts.”

– Daniel Blumer, Co-Founder & CEO


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