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Cutting Through White Noise
at a Major Event

NUA Robotics

Israeli startup NUA Robotics has taken smart luggage to a whole new level by creating a suitcase that will follow a user around hands free. It is controlled via mobile app.


Our team was tasked with generating media coverage to support NUA Robotics’ presence at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The challenge for us was that the product was in the early prototype stage. Add to that the fact that CES is a zoo featuring thousands of exhibitors and you have a recipe for getting lost in white noise.


We began with the knowledge that tech media coverage tends to be driven by a select few outlets who influence the global conversation. We also concluded getting NUA away from the chaos for private audiences with media was key, so we booked meetings with big outlets before CES even began.


Our view of tech coverage as elite driven was supported by outcomes. Once a couple key outlets shared the news about the product, hundreds more picked it up. By the end of CES, there were more than 150 media placements in over 25 different countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Colombia, France, Russia, Germany, Holland, Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, China, Japan, Spain, India, and Vietnam among others.

Thanks to our work NUA was covered in top outlets such as Engadget, Travel and Leisure, SlashGear, Business Insider, The Daily Mail, Le Figaro, Mashable, Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, US News and World Report, and more.

Having seen the high volume of coverage around CES, Shaquille O’Neal mentioned NUA on TV claiming he wanted a suitcase the moment he could get one.

In part because of all the media hype and buzz we generated, NUA has been approached by several large luggage makers and investors.


The suitcase of the future will follow you around like a puppy

Mashable. January 7/16

Walkies! The robotic luggage that saves arm strain… by trundling along next to its owner (and can even be tracked on a smartphone)

Daily Mail. January 8/16

This smart suitcase literally follows you around so you’ll never have to drag or carry a bag again

Business Insider. January 7/16

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Trip With Technology in 2016

US News & World Report. January 19/16

This Hands-Free Robot Suitcase Follows You Around The Airport

The Huffington Post. Janaury 8/16

Quand la valise suit toute seule son propriétaire

Le Figaro. January 21/16

“Proper Propaganda was able to give us the thing that every startup dreams of: global media coverage in the biggest outlets on earth. This exposed our brand to millions of people. I thank the team for their professional and efficient work.”

– Alex Libman, CEO and Co founder, NUA Robotics


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