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PR for a technology company

Mainstream and niche media

NSL Comm

Israeli startup NSL Comm (a.k.a. SkyFi) has created technology that greatly reduces the cost of putting small satellites into space, and enhances the transmitting precision once they reach orbit. This disruptive innovation has the possibility to make free, universal internet access, available everywhere on the planet, a reality.


NSL wanted press coverage in the mainstream and the space/satellite specific media. We were tasked with bringing the proverbial rocket fuel.


The initial problem with this mandate was us. Prior to embarking on it, all we knew about space was that, in 1960, the Soviet Union has sent a dog up there and freaked out a bunch of hardcore American Cold Warriors.

Our knowledge of something as technical and complex as nano-satellites was nil.

Compounding this was the fact that we faced an incredibly tight timeline – less than 4 weeks – to learn about this client, craft two very distinct storylines and set up meetings with media all over the US.


We designed a two track strategy for media. Select mainstream outlets were invited to a location in Israel to see a demo of the tech under embargo before Microsoft’s Think Next event in Israel, where NSL Comm’s Founders were speaking.

Spots were reserved for only very high value media. After this was over, we set up a range of interviews with space focused outlets for the client around the US and a major event they attended in Washington DC.


Over the course of the initial 3 month mandate, our work generated over 50 media placements around the world for the client. These included stories on the BBC, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo, China Morning Post, Reuters, Geektime, and Satellite Today. Articles ran in 10 languages.

The media exposure led to meetings with OEMs and a number of important niche suppliers.


Israeli Startup Wants to Bring Internet to the World With First ‘Smart’ Antennas

Newsweek. March 18/16

This Israeli Startup Thinks It Can Do Internet Better Than Facebook

The Huffington Post. February 29/16

Israeli startup bets on ‘smart’ satellite antennas for global web access

Reuters. February 29/16

Israeli space startup SkyFi raises $3 million to spread internet worldwide

Geektime. February 25/16

SkyFi’s New Satellite Technology To Bring Internet Access To All

SatNews. February 26/16

New startup bets on ‘smart’ satellite antennas for global web access

Malaysian Star. March 1/16

“Working with the team at Proper Propaganda was a true privilege. They nailed it! Our world of space and satellites was new to them and in no time the team conquered the topic. They put out a great two stage campaign, one business and one more technical, the contacts and press they brought to our table were second to none.”

– Daniel Rockberger, Co-Founder


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