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Building Brand Equity for a Foreign Tech Company

Shenzhen, China


SKG is the Chinese market leader in massage guns. Prior to working with us they were virtually unknown in North America. They hired us to help build their brand and sales via earned media coverage.


The massage gun category is a hot, crowded mess, as any quick Amazon search reveals. There are many players, many copycats and, in North America, the big players are firmly entrenched. Breaking through was basically looking like the Soviet campaign on the Eastern Front in WWII.

Adding to this, the client’s messaging and owned media properties were very geared towards the Chinese market and needed to be reenvisioned for North America. Whee hee!


We began our efforts with a rework of the brand narrative and positioned the product differently for the North American market. These efforts resulted in changes to the brand’s owned media properties and overall language.

We also targeted a wide swath of media – from women’s interest, to tech media, to men’s interest and commerce / shopping centric outlets. Due to the chock-a-block full category, our outreach campaign, which focused on sample distribution, was individually tailored to every target journalist.


The end result of our efforts was a pile of cash that would impress even a Mobutu-esque kleptocrat and enough brand equity to fill a grain elevator in Soviet-era Ukraine.

SKG received over 26 media hits in a six month span and over 1.5 billion impressions. Outlets spanned multiple categories and included huge names from across tech, men’s and women’s interest and major mainstream outlets such as WIRED, CNN, PureWow, and Men’s Journal.

Qualitatively, coverage was nothing short of amazing. Forbes named the SKG F5 one of the 9 best massage guns in the world, a remarkable feat for a hitherto unknown brand. Esquire raved about the F5’s price to value ratio and WIRED covered the gun four times in 6 months, with one article driving over $28k in sales over a two week span.

SKG has seen a multiple X ROI on their spend with us and we could not be happier.


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