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Building brand equity in North America

Beijing, China


Xiaomi’s Urevo fitness arm is the Chinese market leader in the exercise space. Urevo came to us seeking to build their Amazon sales channel and overall brand equity in North America. Our task was crafting a compelling narrative and driving media coverage.


Fitness – particularly fitness equipment – is a super saturated category. More than that though, the client was a challenge for us in that they already had strong sales via Amazon and were skeptical of investment in brand equity building.


We spent a good amount of time on client education, particularly around the time and necessary input to build a beachhead for the brand in North America.

We also positioned the brand as an “everyman” fitness company and promoted its accessibility and practicality as a solution during the Covid pandemic.

In terms of media targeting we conducted a sustained outreach campaign across a myriad of media categories including mainstream, men’s and women’s interest, technology and fitness specific outlets. We took p[ains to ensure there was a mix of both review type media pieces and shopping and affiliate articles that typically do a better job of driving direct sales.


The beginning of this campaign felt like the PR version of the Long March. Thankfully, things cranked up pretty good, and our efforts netted over 100 articles in 10 months, valued at over $6 million in Ad Value Equivalency. When the dust settled, ROI on us, based on direct sales from the earned media we drove, was a cool 9.5x

Pieces ran on the Today Show, Fit + Well, Shape, Forbes, Pop Sugar, Woman’s World, The New York Post, Reader’s Digest, Vogue, Live Science, CNET and Mind Body Green to name a few.

Qualitatively, our work netted some gems for the client. A writer at Runner’s World proclaimed that Urevo’s treadmill had “changed her life”. Forbes called the Foldi treadmill “Best in class”.

Prime Day was a key calendar date for the client and we undertook a significant campaign around it. Forbes ran no less than 6 articles that featured Urevo in the month leading up to Prime Day – the Ad Value Equivalency of this coming in at over $100k USD.


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