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I just finished Anthony Bourdain’s, Kitchen Confidential.

Amazing book. Definitely think you should read it.

Bourdain’s existence offers some interesting lessons for PR pros. Here are 3:

  1. Test out the new (and sometimes freaky). The bad boy of food culture is always trying out freaky food. From eyes, to guts to testicles, Bourdain eats it all. PR pros need to  be undaunted by the unknown and sometimes freaky. Whether it is messing around with a new social media platform or playing in a new vertical, jumping into unfamiliar waters pays dividends, expands horizons and toolkits.
  2. The Echo Chamber isn’t where you want to be. Bourdain is an iconoclastic fellow. He hates the Food Network, and its made for TV personalities like Rachael Ray. Being 180 degrees different is what’s brought him money and notoriety. PR and social media are realms where groupthink dominates. No one else needs to hear that “spin sucks” or that they should “engage in conversation.” Being apart from the herd is much more likely to get you noticed.
  3. Most of the time life affords bounce back. Bourdain has been a fan of just about every vice known to man. From smack to coke to ludes, he’s done it all and survived. Had a bad day, week or month when media ignored all your pitches and clients freaked? Don’t worry, you get another chance to do it better.

Have a great day!

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