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“Douchebag” was used a bunch when I was a young man. It is back LARGE these days. Funny how words work that way.

In any event, dear marketer, douchebags are your friend. We need to stop hatin’ on ’em.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. The materialistic bastards buy stuff. Yes, living at home with mommy until your married breeds disposable income. But, hey, they buy stuff because they’re image conscious freaks. Embrace it! It helps you keep your job.
  2. They’re easily influenced. Douchebags ain’t geniuses. But that’s great because you sell stuff (or get paid to drive sales with your fancy ass marketing plans) and influencing these folks to buy your schlock is easier due to their reduced brain power.
  3. They allow us to sling stuff that was cutting edge awhile ago. Yes friends, believe it or not Ed Hardy stuff was cool once. Like cool amongst cool folks. Then it went douche. Why? Douchebags catch on late. This is great when you are sitting on mad stock that your biz cannot sling anymore.

So, yo, show love mofo!

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