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The social media world is pretty convinced there’s nothing quite like Pinterest.

I’ve only recently started messing around with the site, so I can’t say for sure.

It has, however, occurred to me that Pinterest has a lot in common with bacon.

Here are 5 similarities:

  • Seeing leads to action. Put a strip of dope, high end bacon in front of my eyes and I start to look for some to eat. Apparently seeing pretty things on Pinterest makes people act, though in this case they tend to click links.
  • Too much can fatten your ass. Obvious, right? Gobble too much bacon and your posterior may soon have its own zip code. Sit on your butt pinning too many images, and the same thing can happen. Moderation is the key, mes amis!
  • Ease of integration. Bacon is easily integrated into many dishes. From carbonara pasta, to caesar salad to the humble peanut butter and bacon sandwich, it’s a salty, delicious accent. Pinterest, too, seems to be easily integrated into various companies’ social media efforts because we are inherently visual beings. The service’s interoperability with Facebook is further testament to this.
  • Early hype. True, you and I weren’t around when wise humans decided to slaughter pigs, cure the meat and “make it bacon.” However, I am sure a bunch of those early bacon adopters said, “WOW, this is some really good shit!” Word inevitably spread quickly about the pure ecstasy that is cured pig. Likewise, Pinterest has created so many early evangelists that the resulting hype borders on overwhelming.
  • ROI?? Hey, you may love bacon. Perhaps pinning is winning in your world. However, for now, the exact ROI of eating bacon or using Pinterest is kinda hard to measure with real precision. Think about it.

Similarities aside, we know this: bacon has stood the test of time.

Do you think Pinterest will as well?

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