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4 ways real estate agents are using social media

Real estate agents are using social media in a number of innovative ways.

Data from Postling shows the majority of realtors use Facebook (79%) in their marketing mix while 48 percent are on Twitter, and 29 percent are on Linkedin. Given blogging’s power and WordPress’ ease of use, a surprisingly small 15% of real estate agents blog using the service.

The study further revealed that 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor who offers to do video, however, only 12% of the real estate industry uses YouTube. This is rather shocking.

Internet data shows that 45% of potential buyers walked through a home they originally spotted online, 29% located an agent via the internet, and 21% drove by or viewed a home they found on the web.

Clearly agents need to spend significant time thinking about their web presence. The game is changing fast. Here, for those who may be a little confused by the chatter re social media and real estate, are 5 ways real estate agents are using social med

Getting “out there”

Real estate agents are using social media to be accessible to clients and potential customers. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow real estate agents to post updates and stay top of mind for prospects. Services like Hootsuite or Buffer allow for automated postings, which can help during a busy day. Social media helps a realtor be “out there” all the time.

Social engagement

Savvy realtors are engaging in two way conversations to build business. They are also doing things as hosting contests, answering customer questions on YouTube, responding to tweets, monitoring Facebook questions, and starting chat conversations to engage and connect with their clients.

Referral traffic and lead generation

Real estate agents are also using  social media to drive traffic to their websites. Those familiar with the principals of inbound marketing have set up sites with appealing offers and lead capture mechanism. While a website is best viewed as a “home base” and should be optimized to drive leads, social media are a great way to refer visitors to a site or landing page and get them in the funnel.

Brand Building

Savvy real estate agents are building their brands and credibility  by providing thoughtful, and relevant content to potential buyers. The social web is about helping potential customers with their pain points. Realtors who know this and can create good content that speaks to prospects’ worries see returns.

If you’re a realtor have you seen success with social media?

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