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5 brands getting Pinterest right

Pinterest is about more than nice pictures from grandma’s knitting circle.

Brands can use Pinterest to increase website traffic, generate leads and increase awareness. Time Magazine named Pinterest one of the top 50 websites for 2011. Today, Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic driver in the world.

Pinterest enables users to log in using their Twitter or Facebook profiles. Users can automatically post new pins to their Facebook and Twitter feeds for others to see.

Here are 5 brands that are doing a great job with Pinterest.

Lowe’s: Build It!
On “Lowe’s Build It!” the company features barely any of its own content. Instead the Lowe’s pins DIY projects from external bloggers, all which can be made from products purchased at Lowe’s. What makes Lowe’s stand out is the fact that it maintains a perfect balance between promoting its own products and engaging with its blogger community.

Organik SEO
Organik SEO, an environmentally conscious digital marketing company, has also made good use of this highly visual platform The company uses their Pinterest page to pinning appealing graphic marketing content for the more business-minded Pinterest user. In addition, they have boards dedicated to “going green” – a popular topic within the Pinterest community. The mix of consumer and B2B content helps garner eyeballs and keep followers happy.

WSJ: WSJ Graphics
The media company maintains stunning original graphics on its Pinterest board to increase readership. Each pin is actually an image of a quote from a recent WSJ story which is shown floating over a column of blurred out text. The pin is accompanied by a short description. By clicking on an individual quote users are taken to the original story it was published in.

GE: That’s Genius!
GE has a board which is completely devoted to the badass machines the company produces. It also has an archive board which effectively showcases the visual history of the company’s products through the years. Some of the pins use typography and feature quotes from Thomas Edison, the founder of GE.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact, one of the top names in B2B email marketing, does an excellent job on Pinterest. While most of the content is related to marketing, they keep it lighter by creating boards for major events such as the 2012 Summer Olympics. The company has also used the visual medium to its advantage by showing off new email template designs to both current and potential customers.

No one Pinterest strategy is right for all brands, so keep track of what content is making the maximum impact with end users. Simply because your target audience is businesses, doesn’t necessarily mean that they would only be interested in “serious” content.

By tracking what is resonating with users through PinLeague‘s Pinterest Analytics, brands can modify their strategy to appeal to their target audience.

Good luck!

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