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5 reasons your B2B company needs to be on Facebook

Is your B2B company using Facebook?

Let’s face it: Facebook is fun. You use it to share pictures of your latest trip, keep in touch with high school classmates, annoy people with endless cute pics of cats and babies, and even look up an old fling or two (don’t lie – we’ve all done it!) But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a serious tool for your B2B company to get ahead of its competitors. Facebook is by far the top social network; there are more than a billion Facebook users, some of whom are most definitely in the market for what you’re selling.

Here’s how your B2B company can make the most of Facebook:

1.     Project an Image. Unlike LinkedIn or Twitter or Google+, Facebook allows you to create a comprehensive image of your company. With its timeline, cover photos, status updates and comments, Facebook gives its users – and your company – the highest level of customization.

What is it like to work for you? And to work with you? What is the general atmosphere your company would like to project to the world? Think of your company’s Facebook page as your comprehensive, digital business card. And remember: every comment, every article, and every upload contributes to the overall picture.

2.     Accessibility. Facebook is a public platform. That means anyone can access your business’ page. It also means that your customers –and potential future customers– are on Facebook, even if they’re there for personal reasons. So keep everyone updated –people who have already liked your page, those looking for it, and those stumbling upon it– with relevant photos, videos, news, events, etc. Make the most of an open book; fill the pages for everyone to see.

What’s more, easy access to Facebook allows clients and customers to voice their opinions, share their thoughts about your products and services, and even congratulate you on a job well done. Your company must listen, and adapt accordingly. Social media can only improve customer service.

3.     This time, it’s personal. Facebook is about making personal connections. But why can’t a B2B business create a personal connection with its customers and its clients? Clients respond to companies and brands that are personally invested, whose Facebook photos and comments are light-hearted, informative, and enlightening. When used appropriately, Facebook can break the wall previously dividing client from company. Be engaged, and be engaging. Create groups, and join some as well. Business and personal need not be so sequestered.

4.     Demographics. When Facebook first launched, it was quickly welcomed by teenagers and young adults eager to share their thoughts and photos. But Facebook is not just for teens anymore. Increasingly, adults are on Facebook – business owners and like-minded professionals, employers and employees. If you’re on Facebook, others in your field are as well.

5.     Insights. Facebook’s Insights is an analytics program that offers in-depth data on your page, posts, and followers. While most social networks use a third-party program to measure and track progress, Facebook’s analytics program is built-in and super efficient. And like Facebook, it’s free! Your company has access to valuable data that helps you gage your audience –an analysis of “likes,” page visits, post times, etc. This way, your B2B company can track exactly how successful your Facebook page actually is, or what you might need to do differently.

Facebook is s great tool for B2B businesses. Your customers and prospects ARE on there, and spend time (probably a lot of it) hanging out there. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to go where these folks are?


Good luck!

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