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I chatted recently about a few things I wish journalists would stop doing.

Got me some bones to pick with bloggers too. Before that though, let’s again reiterate that I know a tonne of smart, cool people who also happen to be bloggers. This post is, by necessity, a generalization.

Here are 5 things I wish bloggers would stop doing:

  1. Calling themselves journalists. Yes, I know journalists blog. I am not talking about peeps who do double duty. Bloggers ain’t journalists. They are not beholden to the same ethical moorings and typically do not possess the same skill set. I always laugh when bloggers allude to “balance” as they walk away with a semi-truck full of free stuff (which is, of course, “required” in order for a “fair and balanced post” to be penned).
  2. Bashing “old media.” There is a tendency in “new media” circles to diss “old media.” We’re all in the same gang people! Bloggers, who are typically not trained at newsgathering or primary reporting NEED old media to do the initial work. Absent a cadre of professional, trained journalists, bloggers would have far less to chat about.
  3. Expecting swag/drinks/etc. I’ve given bloggers truckloads of swag. I get how the game works. However, perhaps because of the ascendance of the blogosphere and the importance of bloggers in certain industries (e.g. – fashion, gossip, food) there’s been a palpable increase in expectations. I’m down to give you samples, etc. Just don’t expect the Queen Elizabeth treatment every time and with all sizes of client.
  4. Expecting money for posts. Though not widespread yet, this practice is the modern day version of the advertorial. Cheesier perhaps.
  5. Using the word “awesome.” It is the most overused word in the blogosphere. Not that many things are awesome. Are there no other ways to describe life and its minutiae?

What do you think?

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