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5 things to remeber about landing pages

Ever land on a landing page that only made you want to fly away? Most of us have.

Landing pages are a critical part of any inbound marketing effort and lead generation. Here are some tips on how to create landing pages that convert:

1.      It’s all about the CTA:

The main reason for building a landing page is for people to focus on one thing: your call-to-action (CTA). Don’t confuse them by having all sorts of other nonsense floating around your landing page. Make sure what you want people to see is immediately visible (above the fold), and don’t clutter your message. Make sure your CTA is the focal point of the page – this can be done by simply making it the biggest item on the page, or by leading people’s eyes to it via directional cues.

2.      Keep it SIMPLE:

A landing page should also be visually simple – this is about lead generation, remember! Company logos, a picture of the offer, or other relevant images are great, but there’s no need for fireworks after somewhere fills out the form. Contrasting colors to make your CTA stand out are good to have, but don’t take it too far.

3.      Social proof :

Third party opinion is seen as credible. If you can, find room on your landing page for social proof re the item you’re offering. The could be quotes, social media postings etc.

4.      Your product’s worth:

You have to make sure visitors know exactly what it is they are going to get out of your offer. Make sure your landing page lays out the benefits of the offer as succinctly as possible. Bullets work well.

5.      Don’t Confuse Your Landing Page Visitors:

If you’re going to use a landing page, don’t mess with people,. Make sure the link or advertisement they click on actually brings them to what they were looking for. Don’t use a landing page link to lead people to your home page,  it defeats the purpose, which is to focus on a specific offer and generate leads for you.

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