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B2B content marketing trends

A report from The Content Marketing Institute, titled ‘B2B Benchmarks, Budgets, and 2014 Trends–North America’, shows that more and more marketers are adopting content marketing strategies to improve ROI, generate leads and connect with prospects.

Even though content marketing is  relatively incipient, it has taken strides to success. Listed here are some of the more interesting findings from the report.

  • The percentage of B2B marketers adopting content marketing practices has increased by 3% this year – up from 90% to 93%.
  • 42% of B2B marketers say they are effective with content marketing. This is a clear rise from last 2012’s figures, which showed that 36% of B2B marketers had found content marketing worked.
  • Interestingly, 44% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy and 48% of smaller B2B organizations, between 10-99 employees, have a documented content strategy. This compares with 41% of large organizations with more than 1000 employees.
  • Going further, the report shows that a vast majority of B2B marketers felt that having a documented content strategy was not enough – it was equally important to have a dedicated resource to oversee the strategy. 73% of B2B organizations have someone in place. In terms of figures, 86% of the marketers said that they had someone to oversee their content marketing strategy.
  • 73% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did one year ago. Also, B2B marketers who have a documented content strategy are producing more content than they did about a year ago.
  • B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics. While infographics have witnessed the largest-ever increase year-over-year,  the popularity of blogging remains undiminished, with best-in-class B2B marketers rating it as their most effective content marketing tactic.

As a B2B marketer, there is nothing better for brand building than well executed content marketing strategy. If you have something to say that your target market cares about then conceptualize it, create it, publish it and promote it.

A well conceptualized and executed content marketing strategy will drive traffic to your site and increase leads. It can also help garner better qualified leads, build authority, foster trust, create and activate brand advocates, and inspire referrals.

Good luck.

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