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6 email marketing tips

Email campaigns are an essential part of the inbound marketing process.  Email, despite what the social media ninjas say, is far from dead. It remains the primary means of nurturing leads.

You need to get to it right.

Here, then, are 6 email marketing tips:

Create attention-grabbing subject lines

Your subject line can make or break your email marketing campaign. The recipient decides whether or not to open your missive based on the subject line.

Subject lines should be short (maximum 50 characters) . You may also wish to include a relevant keyword to grab the targets’ attention. If you add the customer’s name in the subject line, it will further encourage the people to read through the content of your mail.

Measure engagement

Pay close attention to factors such as open and click rates, referral traffic, and social sharing of your content. Based on the level of engagement, you can then segment users into active and inactive leads. Treat inactive subscribers differently from your active ones. For instance, you might send a ‘come back’ type campaign to your inactive segment to attract them back into the fold.

Ensure deliverability

Your best efforts will be for naught if your message doesn’t reach the intended recipients. Proofread your messages to identify and address any issues that might lead to them automatically ending up in the junk folder. Avoid common spam words like “free”, “opportunity”, “click here” that trigger spam filters.

Tailor messages

The days of the blanket mail are long gone. The secret to a successful email marketing campaign is to deliver the right message to the right audience. It is pointless to send out an email promotion if it is not relevant to recipients.

Enable social sharing

Encourage further communication by adding social share buttons to your emails. Whether it’s an event or information about the launch of new products or services, you can increase the opportunities to spread the word if you include buttons that allow recipients to share your message.

Time your campaign carefully

Sending emails in the wrong part of the week can impact the overall success of your campaign. There is no right, one size fits all answer. Studies suggest Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to be good days. Frequency of emails should also be given consideration – send too few and people will forget all about you. Send too many and they will lose interest.

Good luck with your email marketing campaign.


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