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6 examples of bad social media advice

So much social media advice. So many social media experts. Figuring out who to listen to can be hard on the head.

Listed below are 6 social media tips that you should ignore:

1.       You need to be present on all social networks

If you have limited resources, don’t spread them out to maintain an active presence in all social media sites. Pick your platform based on where your buyers hang out and how specific services are likely to help your biz. For instance, LinkedIn works well for the service sector, Pinterest works for companies that depend on a visual medium to spread their message, etc. Start slow, and don’t go chasing shiny objects.

2.       Email is extinct

Email lives and thrives. Social media has helped make this so. Email is an essential part of lead nuturing and allows you to segment content in a way other media do not. Despite what the charlatans say, for many people, email is still the preferred choice for communication.

3.       Social media has replaced SEO

Social media has not replaced the need to optimize content for search engines. As withemail, both SEO and social media support each other. Social media posts show up in search results and influence page rankings, and properly optimized content drives more traffic to your social media posts and profiles.

4.       All your updates can be automated

Social media activities can be time consuming so automating updates seems like an appealing option. Automation is great, to a point. However, social media is about interactio. While it is okay to automate content publishing such as your latest blog articles, you still need to have genuine interactions with the people in your network.

5.       Send auto DMs to all your new followers

I hate auto DMs, and frankly can’t believe anyone still uses them on Twitter. These messages are incredibly impersonal and are perceived as spam by most. Trash auto DMs and anyone who recommends them.

6.       Your prospects are not using social media

According to Pew Research Center, 69% of adults use social media. Whether you’re B2B, B2C a manufacturer or a service biz, your prospects are probably on social media. Apart from communicating with your existing and potential customers, you may also be able to connect with influencers or media who are looking for an expert in your industry to interview for an upcoming story.

The ebook below may help straighten things out for you.

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