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6 ways manufacturing companies are harnessing social media

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Can manufacturing companies benefit from social media? Not long ago, many thought there was no point for them to have a presence on platforms like Google+, Facebook or Twitter. Some manufacturers (and marketers) claimed this was because they weren’t “dynamic” or “sexy” companies. Whatever the hell that means, it sounds like hogwash.

Lately, though, many manufacturing companies have begun to take advantage of the benefits offered by social media.

Here are some quick tips on how manufacturing companies can harness the power of social media and build business:

1.    Listening:

Social media sites are an excellent way to gather honest commentary and opinions, allowing you to get a sense of what people are saying about your manufacturing company’s product. Social media are also a way to pick up ideas from customers that can be implemented in future products.

2.    Collaborating online:

Manufacturers benefit from the collaboration social media facilitate. It might be pow-wowing with a supplier or group of suppliers in Google Hangout, or it might just be real time dialogue on Twitter. Regardless of the platform, social media present a great tool for getting connecting with pretty much any stakeholder a manufacturer has in their ecosystem.

3.    Taking part in industry talk:

Why not get in on the Twitter conversation about a new product or an event you might be attending? Manufacturing firms, not always perceived as warm and fuzzy, benefit from having a more human side. Moreover, establishing yourself as a reputable source of information gives you and your company credibility, and more importantly, help earn your prospects’ trust.

4.    Sharing knowledge about prospect’s pain points:

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point: social media allow any firm – including manufacturers – to show people the company knows and understands their pain points. By publishing content that relates to prospects’ problems and providing solutions a manufacturer can become a resource and, over time,  convert leads into customers.

5.    Customer support:

Manufacturers often spend oodles of time on customer service. Social media are a wonderful channel for this. You will be more nimble at helping people use your products the right way if you get apply social media.

6.    Generating Excitement:

Even if you’re a cement manufacturer certain segments will get excited about new products that you’re putting out there. Social media are essentially like word of mouth on steroids. Why not make use of these platforms?

Do you work for a manufacturing firm? Are social media part of your marketing mix? What have they done for you?


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