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I just got back from a sun vacation. I did no work of any consequence when away.

Certainly better than staying in the frozen Soviet Canuckistani tundra waiting in bread lines or dealing with hapless apparatchiks.

Weather aside, PR pros need to take vacations. This is truer today than ever.

Here are 7 reasons it’s important for PR pros to take a vacation (a real one, not some namby pamby version where one checks email,Twitter, etc many times a day):

  1. Vacation makes you realize that consta-checking social media sites is, in fact, not necessary because not that much of importance goes on there most of the time.
  2. Because beers on a beach are far superior to corporate monkeys wielding press releases with no news value.
  3. Because vacation gives PR pros a break from loading trucks up with swag for freeloading bloggers.
  4. Because on vacation no idiot client or boss is around to ask ‘why didn’t we get any coverage?’
  5. Because sunshine and palm trees are far more fun than crumudgeonly journalists.
  6. Vacations have no measurement metrics, which is good for PR pros because they still can’t measure anything properly.
  7. Because uninterrupted dealings with the fourth estate will make ya crazy…GUARANTEED!

So please PR pro, do yourself a favour and take one. OK?

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  • Krista says:

    Yay, Jackson is back! I am jealous of your sunny vacation, as it’s a dreary day in the City of Brotherly Love…

    I can’t agree with you more on your sentiment– people in all industries need a real vacation from work every now and then. It brings us back to reality and remember the things that make us happy outside of the office 🙂

  • Danny Starr says:

    social media never has a vacation and that’s why you need to take one.

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