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I bet Turkmenbashi wouldve been retweeted a lot if he were still alive!

I bet Turkmenbashi would've been retweeted a lot if he were still alive!

The soothsaying oracles at Mashable tell us that no one listens on Twitter.

In fact , only 23% of tweets solicit replies and a mere 6% get retweeted. Some kinda “conversation” eh?

Here are 7 possible reasons that no one responds to, or retweets your tweets:

  1. What are we supposed to say when you tweet that you “love Mom’s cooking.” Are we REALLY supposed to care?
  2. You tweet all sorts of cheesy inspirational quotes. This is more likely to elicit a punch in the nose than a retweet.
  3. Twitpics of your latest pair of socks are of no interest to us.
  4. We cannot figure out how to respond when you tell us, via Foursquare, that you’re “at the Fuckandshuck Oyster Bar and use the hashtag #foodporn”
  5. You are not a member of a Tea Party Republican chapter (don’t laugh, those nutjobs are a tight-knit bunch of freaks)
  6. You follow no one and are not @KanyeWest, or  @britishmonarchy – time to get over that ego
  7. You run the official Twitter account for BP

Have a great day!

BTW – I am praying you’ll retweet the nonsense that I write 🙂

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