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You might have heard that the North Korean Government is on Twitter. (And Facebook and Youtube as well).

A tad bizarre for an organization whose chief interactions with its citizens involve spying on them and sending them to gulags.

But there are, I have learned,  sound reasons behind Pyongyang’s foray into the 140 character world.

Here are 7 reasons the North Korean Government opened a Twitter account:

  1. Dear Leader – a.k.a. KJ the Illest – has a SEVERE case of Bieber Fever and wants to get constant updates from the 15 yr old heartthrob who is always a trending topic.
  2. You don’t need more than 140 characters to say “Death to the American/Japanese/South Korean Imperialists.”
  3. KJ the Illest got REAL jealous of all the press Hugo Chavez got when he entered the Twitterverse and so decided to ape the Venezuelan strongman.
  4. Running a totalitarian police state, where everyone might be plotting against you, can be exhausting. Sometimes you need mindless diversions!
  5. The North Korean Government runs an inept socialist economy and cannot feed its own people. Thus, it needs to follow the World Food Program (@WFPlogisitics) on Twitter to get intel on when food is coming.
  6. Twitter allows Dear Leader – a notorious fan of leggy blonde chicks – to follow @heidimontag ‘s every move and thought (well, what “thoughts” she has).
  7. The ghost of Kim Il Sung – a.k.a. the “Great Leader” – loves expressing revolutionary thought in under 140 characters, and so recommended Twitter to the current leadership. 

(Unrelated – I LOVE North Korean propaganda art. It’s pretty much always waaaaay over the top – as the above piece illustrates. If you ever want to enjoy a cool, if bizarre, day in a Cold War era Disneyland-ish atmosphere, do pay a visit to the DMZ. They have TONNES of fascinating artifacts – including interesting examples of propaganda art – from the North at the museum. It ranks among my fave travel spots and is only 1 hour from Seoul – highly recommended!)

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