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By no deliberate design it seems that one post a week here profiles a maniac’s or group of maniacs’ rhetorical craziness. Last week’s subject was KJ the Illest of North Korea. Today’s example comes from the Illest’s arch-nemesis, America, and the opposite end of the political spectrum.

The Tea Party Republicans are remarkable in a number of ways:

  • They think Barack Obama is the second coming of Joe Stalin.
  • They virulently hate socialized medicine and believe that health is for people who can afford to pay for it (though I am aware that my country has a defacto two-tiered system and that socialized medicine is just a fable we tell ourselves for amusement).
  • Their rallies feature dope throwback fashion. No, I am not talking about people in the vintage football jerseys preferred by the hip hop nation, rather folks like those pictured at the beginning and end of this post.
  • Last but not least, Tea Partiers really like whack ass language on their homemade signs.

As this is a communications blog, I’ll focus on the last point. Below you’ll see a few of the Tea Party’s crazier sign slogans. These should provide some Friday fun. They speak to the broader issue of dialing rhetoric down despite temptation to amp it up for the sake of getting noticed. Communicators have to ask, “what kind of attention do I want to get?”

Without further ado, here are seven crackpot Tea Party sign slogans:

1) I Am Not Your ATM

2) There’s a Red in the White House

3) USA 1776 – 2008: RIP

4) I Will Keep my Freedom, my Guns, my Money. You Keep THE CHANGE!

5) If Dependence Is Your Idea Of HOPE. You Can Keep The CHANGE.

6) Obama … Commander and Thief

7) Party Like It’s 1773 (wow! that’s AWESOME)

What a bunch of fucken kooks. Proof positive that protesting and over the top communications are for losers!

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