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All kinds of smarties are putting it down – and WELL – this week.

Shonali’s been swinging her formidable sword (in case you were thinking of it, don’t mess with her). Sue has been telling the old and young what they need to do to succeed in PR. And others have been dropping useful info about when to post on Facebook.

I’ve been hectic with client work. In fact, my many jobs have been wearing my feeble brain down. This means I have nothing smart to add to the conversation, so go check these smart links by smart folks if that’s what you’re looking for.

Of late, peeps have been on my ass about cranking out press releases. I REALLY love that, since the letters P and R stand for press release!!!!!!!!!

There’s a bunch of things you can do to score coverage that don’t involve sending a press release. Here’s a list of 7:

  1. Gather your colleagues, then sing and dance in unison for the Coverage Gods, like North Koreans at the Mass Games.
  2. Sacrifice a small farm animal in the office. It will definitely turn more heads than that release about your latest Midwest Middle Sales Manager appointment. Maybe it’ll please several pagan deities as well.
  3. Build a relationship with a target media outlet over days/months/years/a lifetime. You’ll see this tends to work pretty well.
  4. Hire a Wicca priest to investigate why your organization has bad spirits that create jargon-laden press releases with shitty CEO quotes.
  5. Hire Sheen and add drugs, adult film stars and alcohol. Usually, with those things in the mix, the idiot tends to do newsworthy things.
  6. Pray. This is an especially good technique if you are an inveterately boring organization that sends lots of press releases.
  7. Hire a new PR department/agency/consultant and empower them to do more than just write, edit, send and hawk the oldest tool in our industry.

BTW – if you are at all interested in the DPRK’s Mass Games check out this video (complete with cheesy, epic, Euro-trance in the background)


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  • LOL – that made me laugh, Jackson. Thank you for the link love as well.

    Let me add #8 to your list: Work with a 12 year old.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Susan Young says:

    Hi Jackson,

    Thanks so much for the shout. Pray—always a useful strategy in PR. I used to pray the tooth fairy would come. And now this.



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