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I wonder if Laika would have checked-in had it been possible...

I wonder if Laika would've checked-in had it been possible...

Last week the first human being checked-in on Foursquare from space.

According to the company, on October 22:

Expedition 25 Commander Douglas H. Wheelock became the first human to ever use a location-based service from space. Doug checked in from the International Space Station and unlocked the new NASA Explorer Badge.”

How nice for him to have that dope ass badge. I am sure it makes Doug’s mom prouder than him being an astronaut ever could.

I, however, am less than impressed.

Here are 8 check-ins I cannot wait to see:

  1. I’m at Purgatory (possible words added to tweet: “Wish I hadn’t cheated on my significant other so much”)
  2. I’m at Atlantis (possible words added to tweet: “It’s wetter than Seattle here”)
  3. I’m at Heaven’s Gates (possible words added to tweet: “Lots of people with wings here”)
  4. I’m at Middle Earth (possible words added to tweet: “I feel tall”)
  5. I’m at Pluto (possible added tweet: “Colder than Soviet Canuckistan here”)
  6. I’m at Pyongyang airport (possible words added to tweet: “Funny that people checked in from Space before here”)
  7. I’m at Smurf Village (possible words added to tweet: “There’s only one chick here, how does that work?”)
  8. I’m at the Garden of Eden (possible words added to tweet: “The woman here seems kinda sketchy and the dude is dumb as hell”)

What check-ins do you want to see?

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