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Google “social media” and the Wikipedia entry comes up first.

It says social media:

“are media for social interaction using highly accessible and scalable pubishing techniques. Social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues.”

But Wikipedia is wrong. Here are 9 ‘awesome’ definitions of social media:

  1. The group of web based things that saved the PR profession from going the way of dinosaurs
  2. The group of web based things that brought loads of losers out of their moms’ basements and turned them into internet superstars.
  3. A much hyped marketing channel who’s overall performance is still dubious, due to the difficulty in measuring its impact on the bottom line with any degree of rigor.
  4. The ‘next’ version of email marketing (remember how hyped that was).
  5. The collection of web based things that killed society’s attention span.
  6. A misunderstood group of tools that are driving Fortune 500 executives crazy.
  7. A marketing channel where ‘awesome’ is the most used word.
  8. Scary shit, because you have to keep feeding the beast.
  9. The thing that kept Ashton Kutcher relevant after that shitty retro show ended.

Have a great week!

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