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I’m no fan of the exclamation point. It wasn’t always so, but its omnipresence has come to tyrannize me.

I know it won’t stop. I should just deal.

Alas, questions persist. Here are a few:

  1. Why does everyone under the age of 30 feel the need to put exclamation points after EVERY sentence?
  2. Why, when I don’t use ‘!’ after every sentence, do people under the age of 30 think me a mean old curmudgeon?
  3. When did the exclamation mark’s rise to ubiquity begin?
  4. Did it coincide with the rise to ubiquity of other tyrannical bastards like Putin and Chavez?
  5. Are the aforementioned two pricks responsible? Might Castro also be involved?
  6. Why does anyone over 30 insist on using exclamations after every sentence?
  7. Do they view the exclamation as the grammatical equivalent of the Fountain of Youth?
  8. Someone once wrote me an email that said, “It is time for the weekly middle management meeting!” How could anyone think a middle management meeting (or any meeting really) merited an exclamation point?
  9. What’s worse, the pressure to put exclamation points at the end of every sentence or the pressure to put a frikkin smiley face – 🙂 – all over communications?

You’re insightful. You must have the answers. HELP!!!

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  • Ange says:

    I share your loathsome view on exclamation marks. I once worked for a real estate publication, and I must say realtors are one of the most exclamation-happy (no pun intended) group of people I have ever encountered. A typical email to one of our designers went like this:

    “Hi Mable! The wording for my latest ad is as follows:
    2-story bungalow in beautiful NW neighbourhood! Boasts country kitchen and open main floor!!! 2 acres!!!! Great for kids, young family and plenty of space for animals!!!! Only $1.5 million!!!!!…

    You get the idea.

  • Ange,

    That sounds painful. I’ll keep this in mind when I next deal with a realtor. It seems we’ve entered an era where anything that is not followed by an exclamation point is deemed ‘deadpan’ or ‘serious’.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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