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I, and others, have talked a lot about the differences between bloggers and journalists.

A recent episode at my wife’s store brought the wide chasm between the two camps to light. The shop’s prepared food was reviewed by a journo from the local English language daily.

Before I go any further, let me say that this post is not about asserting that bloggers are somehow ‘better’ than journalists or vice versa. The episode is recounted merely as a way to bring evidence to bear on what I think is an interesting, if obvious, debate.

The journalist came to the shop at least twice. Once alone and another time with a guest. She came undercover and paid for her meals both times (I should say her employer did, but an actual cash transaction occurred). The journo demanded and received no samples, swag etc.

Her review about our food was, on the whole, positive. The most notable thing was that she actually ‘got’ us almost bang on. Our food is simple, unpretentious and is made with well-sourced, responsibly produced ingredients. That’s what we’re selling. She conveyed this perfectly. The journalist also pointed out a few things she saw as less the perfect. The review has been great for biz, but it was by no means ‘gushing’.

The blogger I’ll use in this example, has visited a few times but she only came once (alone)  prior to writing her post on our food. She did not pay for her meal and was given free swag.

Her review about us was glowing, for which we were grateful. She did not make any criticisms of our food, service or the setting. None.

Big difference, right? So big, in fact, that only a fool would be surprised that the content these people produced was markedly different

Do you have similar tales? I’d love to hear them.


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