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PR for a Product Launch


Canadian startup, and HAX graduate, Grobo make an app-controlled home growing system that takes the guesswork out of cultivating small crops of cannabis and other plants.


Grobo was originally created to grow organic food year round. After hearing from many medicinal cannabis patients who wanted an easy to use system, the company pivoted towards that market as well. We were contracted to handle PR around Grobo’s launch.


The ever-changing laws and attitudes around marijuana complicated finding an angle that resonated with media. It was critical to ensure Grobo towed a fine line. Moreover, similar chronic-growing products had recently launched and already caught the attention of key outlets.  

Compounding this was the fact that we faced an incredibly tight timeline – less than 4 weeks – to learn about this client, craft two very distinct storylines and set up meetings with media all over the US.


We crafted targeted messaging for media who fancied headier plants or covered medical marijuana, and pitched them accordingly.

For other outlets, less obviously open to cannabis, we highlighted the stand-out gardening tech and sleek design that makes Grobo perfect for any home.

In Soviet Canuckistan, we integrated the Supreme Court’s Allard Decision into our pitching to position the client as a thought leader on medical cannabis.


PR was the primary marketing channel for this launch. Our work helped Grobo exceed their pre-order projections to a point where the company had to close pre sales early.

Grobo’s system received many plaudits from the fourth estate: 

“The amazing new Grobo grows high-end weed right in your home,” wrote Maxim.

“This high tech indoor garden just made growing marijuana a lot easier,” said Mashable. 

A Canadian Press piece syndicated across all of Canada’s major media outlets, such as CTV, CBC, and The Huffington Post Canada.

In total, Grobo was featured in over 100 outlets worldwide, including The Verge, Digital Trends, Maxim, Mashable, BGR, and New Atlas.


This glowing obelisk will grow weed in your bedroom at the touch of a button

The Verge. August 9/16

For all you lazy gardeners: Grow your crops indoors with Grobo automated garden

Digital Trends. August 9/16

The Amazing New Grobo Grows High-End Weed Right In Your Own Home

Maxim. August 9/16

This high-tech indoor garden just made growing marijuana a lot easier

Mashable. August 9/16

This cabinet wants to make growing ‘special plants’ at home easy

BGR. August 10/16

Waterloo startup Grobo helps marijuana growers cultivate small crops at home

CBC News. August 10/16

“Without Proper Propaganda, we would not have had nearly as successful a launch. They worked quickly and diligently with us to refine our messaging, find relevant media outlets, and pitch them properly to ensure that the final story properly portrayed Grobo.”

– Bjorn Dawson, CEO and Co-Founder


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