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Hat tip to the talented Sarah McConnell of Environics PR for sharing this.


You should check out this great stunt by Canada’s National Ballet School:

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Though I am  more or less done with flashmobs as the basis for PR stunts, this one merited mention.

Here’s why:

  1. It was on International Dance Day, April 29th, and featured students from the National Ballet School of Canada – i.e. appropriate timing.
  2. Though it mirrors elements of what T-mobile did in their train station dance, I like the visual.
  3. The stunt shows the importance of critical mass (something I have previously discussed). They had ENOUGH people – 300 – to make the visual look good. If you are trying to do a PR stunt with people, not having enough to make it visually appealing is the number one killer.

Want to see more on this stunt? Go here.

Kudos to the mind(s) behind this one. Impressive work!

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