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You might remember a book called Das Kapital by a crazy, old, bearded German fellow. This guy was not very big on market economics. In fact, he was sure capitalism wouldn’t last.

We sometimes discuss wordplay here. Sometimes irony, too. Often posts are adorned with pictures of propaganda art from fucked up communist regimes.

In light of these facts, I could not help but share this amazing logo/name with you. It is for a Toronto-based investment firm. That firm – which made the astute decision of hiring my very smart friend Gavin as its VP of Comms – really likes making money through the deft allocation of the capital assets it possesses. In fact, more than just liking money, the firm really likes market economies (imagine!).

Here is the logo. It really says it all. I bet that misguided German is rolling over in his grave!

Logo with slogan

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