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don't ignore distribution in your content marketing

If 2013 was the year of content, in 2014 distribution of good content will take centre stage.

A Forrester report, titled, “Put Distribution at the Heart of Content Marketing’ (it’s a paid product) demonstrates that only 36 percent of marketers who use content feel they use it effectively.

While investment in branded content has risen rapidly, fewer firms pay the required amount of attention to distribution. This can render content investments futile.

It’s a loud, loud world. According to, there were less than eight million websites in June 2000. By contrast, today they are north of 750 million with no sign of things slowing down. You now need a sharp machete to cut through the clutter.

The report from Forrester shows that a whopping 64% of marketers acknowledge that they don’t use content effectively.  Part of the problem is the over-focus on creation. Don’t get me wrong, search optimized content, created with specific buyer personas in mind is critical.

However, distribution should be the opposite cornerstone of your content marketing strategy.

To sum up the findings from the Forrester report re distribution:

  • Businesses should slow down on content production and focus more on distribution for better results.
  • There is a complete ecosystem of vendors who can help you distribute content on a wide range of platforms.
  • Better distribution drives better quality of content as feedback provides momentum for change.

Earned distribution is generally better than paid. Problem is, your content had better be good! No one should poo poo Outbrain, Adblade and other such services. These players are have proven track records.

Good luck!


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