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Mythology is pretty cool. Some folks think social media is too.

Wherever you stand, it can be fun to ponder how various mythical creatures might have used social media (had they been able to).

Here are some thoughts on how 4 might have leveraged various social sites:

1. The Minotaur – Foursquare: In Greek mythology this half man, half bull creature lived in a labyrinth in Crete. Living in a maze could not have been easy, so my guess is Foursquare, with its location based geo-tagging, would have been of great benefit to this fearsome fellow. Who knows, if folks entering the maze had been dumb enough to check-in, this ass-kicker would have had them for breakfast.


2. Medusa – Diigo: This gal rocked a head of snakes. She was so darn hideous that anyone who looked at her would turn to stone. While her evil side might have leveraged Flickr or Youtube to amplify her ugliness, I think she would have enjoyed Diigo. Why? Because it’s a great knowledge sharing resource and, on the site, one can find info on just about anything. Let’s face it, if you had to care for a head snakes, peers with insights and tips would come in handy.

3. The Phoenix – Pinterest. A host of different cultures have versions of the bird in their mythology. My sense is the winged wonder would have leveraged Pinterest to the hilt. The “virtual cork board” would have been a great place to seek and store tips on fire starting (and maybe prevention).

4. The Sirens – Soundcloud. In Greek mythology, these seductresses lured sailors with their mellifluous voices. Alas, when the sailors got near the shoreline, they usually ended up shipwrecked on the rocks. Soundcloud would have been the preferred soc net of the sirens. Instead of waiting at water’s edge monitoring the horizon for ships, with Soundcloud in their arsenal, the sirens could have recorded songs and played them back, or on repeat, whenever. Bottom line, they’d a been doing more chillin’ while still being villains.

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