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Why blog?

It’s time consuming. It’s also highly unlikely that loads of people will consume what you produce.

But blogging is the straight bomb.

Please believe me.

If ya didn’t blog….

– You wouldn’t have a platform to publish your thoughts. This is a pretty empowering thing.

– You and your biz wouldn’t reap the SEO benefits of regular content updates. You would be less “knowable.”

– You’d miss out on the disciplinary benefits (to you) that regular blogging brings.

– You would miss out on the chance to organize your thoughts about various subjects.

– I think, and this may be just me, you would be less “up” on your industry/interest etc. I say this because I think regular production of content has serious mental benefits that we often overlook. Producing is harder than consuming and so often requires serious attention AND consumption as a prerequisite.

– You would not understand that the organization is now the media (at least to the extent bloggers do).

– The likelihood of you connecting with like minded people would diminish.

So that’s it. Get yer ass off the fence and make stuff. I don’t care if it is text, audio or video. Just publish. OK?

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