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At 174 words this might be my most ironic post ever.

We live in an era of short form, snack-sized content.

Saying it quick seems to be the only way to say it in internet age. People getting pinged, folks following links that take them off a page, it’s enough to make you wonder whether we can pay attention to anything for any length of time.

Longer form content is a wonder though. And it does GREAT things for the brain.

This weekend I, finished a great book and read a decent chunk of my fave magazine. These slightly longer forms of content produce a state of deep reading that is VERY hard to come by on the internet. Reading them without interruption or distraction produces a feeling of calmness (maybe even euphoria in my case). More important, I’d wager that for most of us, most of the time, reading longer magazine pieces and books carefully does more for retention than snack-sized nuggets do.

Why have we gotten lazy? What should we do about it?

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