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I wrote a short blurb for PR Daily about the recent Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms survey on the factors influencing buying decisions (the press release from CCPRF is here in case you want to have a closer look).

The study’s interesting message is that traditional media matter more in buying decisions than soc nets, blogs, etc. This confirms what I already knew as a PR pro and co-owner of a small retail business.

I am SICK TO DEATH of new media hipsters proclaiming the end of traditional media. Hopefully this shuts them up for a minute.

Why on Earth you would undertake a campaign for a consumer product without SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING outreach to newspapers printed on dead tree parchment, TV stations, etc is beyond comprehension.

I know you are far too smart to do this.

Screw Twitter, Facebook and Klout! Get me in the damn printed paper, or an interview with some over-hairsprayed TV reporter, and we’ll sell us some widgets and head for the Caribbean, OK?

It’s cold here, so we need to think in terms of utility and the bottom line.

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