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This post is kinda Montreal-centric. But it is also about a writer; one of my favourite of all time and the greatest my city has ever produced.

The city of Montreal is planning on naming the gazebo on Mount Royal after Mordecai Richler.

This, predictably, has caused a stir. To this day Richler is detested by a variety of groups who generally take themselves far too seriously. The fact that they’d likely protest naming anything, even a urinal, after him is terrible PR on their part and makes them look like the provincial bumpkins they are (I am happy these folks are taking this opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot anew).

The gazebo, which is now covered in graffiti and serves as a waystation for drunks and homeless people, is to be cleaned up.

Richler’s wife, Florence, claims that old Mordecai would have appreciated the city’s gesture. He was from nearby, an area that is now gentrified but was quite poor when he grew up.

I think Mordecai would have enjoyed the outcry from fringe groups of dummies. Whip smart with rapier-like wit, Richler would have sliced them apart.

R.I.P. Mordecai. Kudos to Montreal for this fitting tribute.

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