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The buzz around Pinterest is something to behold.

We’ve all heard about the power of the site for retailers, women’s magazines, and why, demographically, it’s a marketer’s dream.

What is less said, and why I think the Pinterest people are really onto something, is the power of expression it conveys to the masses.

Follow me for a sec.

The well crafted written word is immensely powerful and will likely remain so. Same thing for speech well spoken. However, so few people are good at writing and speaking. Pinterest taps into the desire we all have to tell the world about ourselves; to express who we are and what we love. However, it does this in a totally accessible, democratic sort of way. On Pinterest, you don’t need to be a good writer, and fears about being able to put spoken words together in a manner that sounds nice are gone. You get to tell people about you in a succinct, hard hitting way that is unlikely to conjure up insecurities about your intellect or breed criticism from others. This is genius. That the site’s interface is brilliant and tends to make things look lovely is a bonus (though not a small one).

I’m impressed. Are you?


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