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twitter tips for B2B businesses

Twitter can be a boon for your B2B firm’s inbound efforts. You can use the service to attract prospects, generate leads, and provide customer care.

Here are 4 Twitter must dos for B2B firms:

1. Engage in Twitter chats

Participate in relevant chats hosted by industry experts and note the questions people are asking. You can create content that answer these queries, post it on your blog, and share links via your social accounts. Don’t miss out! Twitter chats are a great way to interact with industry experts and gather ideas for more diverse content creation.

2. Survey your followers

B2B firms should spend a solid amount of time seeking followers’ opinions . Use the TwtPoll tool to create multiple-question surveys to send your followers so that you can fill their content needs.

3. Foster relationships with industry influencers

Websites such as FollowerWonk allow you to search and find industry influencers and foster relationships with them. You can contact them for quotes and mutually-beneficial marketing opportunities.

HubSpot also invites industry experts to contribute tips and advice. You can promote the content using their Twitter handle and also create a hashtag that both you and the experts can use to tweet about the subject under discussion to track the journey of the content.

4.  Curate to create

Create a list to aggregate content on subjects you are interested in. Read what others are writing to understand current industry trends to get inspiration for your own topics. Through curation you can build thought leadership and come up with new ideas for your own original content. You gotta read if you’re gonna lead!

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