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I just had two weeks totally off. It’s crazy how this confers perspective.

I’ve always been a bit frantic, but email, IM and social media have dramatically exacerbated things. In fact, consta-checking was killing my productivity and draining my sanity.

So here’s what’s gonna go down (I’ll report back in 3 weeks to tell you the effects):

– I’m scheduling time for social media each day. They’ll be less instant reply stuff from me on Twitter.

– Likewise with email. It will be checked 3-4 times a day at set times.

– IM is awful and I try never to use it. It is the greatest miscommunication tool I’ve ever seen. But, now, when I do, it’ll be to say “I will email you” or “I will call you.” That’ll be it.

– I’m trying the same with blogging (that is, writing at set times) but this one I’ll be more flexible with.

Are you overwhelmed by the constant humming from your digital life? How do you manage this?

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  • Krista says:

    Hi Jackson- nice to have you back! I also disconnected for an extended period over the holidays and found it hard to get back into the groove of things. However, much like your observations, I’m trying to set aside time here and there so I can be sure to accomplish enough each day both professionally and personally. It might be hard at first, but I think in the end, it helps to have a balance strategy for social/digital and real life.

  • Danny Starr says:

    I took pretty much the entire holiday break off social media and it made me realize that I’m not really missing much so I’m pretty sure I’m going to scale back in 2011. I’m starting to tire of the way the “social dance” goes and this Quora is just reminding me again. If I see another blog post about Quora compared to something or “10 reasons why Quora…” I’m going to drink myself to death.

    However, I have 33% rule where take 1/3 of the total time I spend online and spend it offline.

    I am also seeing a huge resurgence in “work smarter” type thinking… inbox zero, 10-2-5…. all these systems for helping us regain efficiency… something Seth Godin has been talking about for a while…

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